About AusHunt


AusHunt was first launched in 2005 as a website to showcase Australian hunter's stories and photos from the field and to share the different skills and styles of Australian hunting across the hunting community.


Hunters from all over Australia share their stories and knowledge to give others an insight into what its like to hunt in their patch of Australia and to portray what hunting means to them. For some it is family tradition or just the way of the land and others it is pest control or food for the table but for all it is usually great times with friends and family enjoying the great Australian outdoors.


AusHunt has a popular discussion forum covering general firearms categories, ammo and reloading, scopes and hunting equipment which draws a crowd to actively discuss the technical aspects and read peer reviews. Australian feral species such as rabbits, foxes, goats, pigs and deer are also featured so hunters who target these animals can discuss the specific skills involved in taking their game. Junior or novice hunters are very welcome to join.


AusHunt's facebook site shares similar content but also connects with other reputable organisations to help promote ethical, humane and responsible hunting practice in Australia.

AusHunt also serves to connect industry with it's users by offering a hunting and shooting business directory, running product launches and competitions and offering promotional channels for business to promote their products and services to AusHunt's members and the wider hunting community in Australia and beyond. Member's interests not only include hunting but also camping, fishing and four wheel driving plus other outdoor pursuits.


AusHunt has always held a positive and reputable image for Australian hunters and we position ourselves as a 'hunting family' friendly environment for all ages, male and female. AusHunt will continue to be a market leader for the next generation of hunters to communicate and connect and to help preserve their lifestyle choice of hunting in Australia.


So we'll catch you in the field, in the forum, on facebook or on the site!


Happy and safe hunting,